The Whodini Sisters Story

ourstoryDebbie has a group of life-long friends who have a long history, like Houdini, of busting out of the ropes that bind them.  Thirty-four years ago, the college buddies took a trip to the island of Bimini. They arrived on one of Chalk’s Seaplanes and checked into the Compleat Angler, the same hotel where Hemingway stayed while writing Islands in the Stream.  After unpacking, they headed to the bar and ordered Bloody Marys. While inspecting the black and white fishing photos of Ernest Hemingway that covered the old wooden walls, they sipped the perfect drink and never forgot the experience.

Since then, together, they have competed in triathlons, gone on road trips, attempted rock climbing and then back to more road trips in order to be there for each other in good times and in bad.  While in Seaside, Florida they signed up as extras in the movie, The Truman Show and years later, in that same location, germinated the idea for Whodini Sisters’ Bloody Mary Potion. They have continued to get together for their annual “busting out of the ropes” trip. These gatherings always include many batches of Debbie’s Bloody Marys.

Before the Whodini Sisters Bloody Mary Potion was launched, Debbie was a therapist, author of a book titled, Once Upon a Child, an editor and an occasional food writer. She is the Mom of three grown daughters and currently writes a column for The Seaside Times. As Whodini continues to grow it seems more road trips are in the cards and one thing for sure is that you….

“Never go on trips with anyone you don’t love.” – Ernest Hemingway