Our Inspiration

Girls trip in Seaside, Florida

Picture the beach, pouring rain, and a craving for a Bloody Mary; then discovering that most bars use prepared mixes loaded with chemicals and heavy ingredients that quite honestly taste horrible. As self- proclaimed connoisseurs, we wanted a Bloody Mary that was more like a cocktail, not cocktail sauce. We wanted the classic, like the one Debbie’s father use to make.

This inspired a mission to ferret-out the original Bloody Mary recipe-Crisp, Clean and Lean, with absolutely no grit. You know what we mean… the stuff that gets stuck in your teeth making you think twice before you smile or laugh out loud. We looked for the original recipe from Harry’s American Bar in Paris and the magic started! The idea for Whodini Sisters’ Bloody Mary Potion was born while rain pounded the tin roof and tornado warnings bleeped across the TV screen. And then magically the sun came out.

“A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest of men.” – Roald Dahl